Talk on Marine Life in Goan Waters

How much do we actually know about the sea?

Having a 101 kilometer coastline, most Goans do not even know about the population of dolphins around, or the coral reef off Grande island, we are completely clueless about the otter families in our mangroves, or the salt tolerant rice growing around the same area.

Goa relies on the sea for almost all profits; tourism, fisheries, trade and so on however we do not know that much about it. It is about time we paid a little more attention to the marine ecosystem in the state. The WWF Goa (World Wide Fund for Nature) will be giving a brief introduction to Goa’s diverse marine environment and it would be very interesting to hear them out. The film screening will be at Kokum’s Design Valley in Porvorim.


You will definitely find this insightful and hopefully the next time you’re on the beach or taking a ferry across the river, you will know a little more about what lies beneath the waters.