Thalassa | Vagator

You know you’re in for a majestic session of being spoilt rotten when you’re greeted by a breathtaking view of the sunset while being cradled on top of a cliff facing the sea. Thalassa does just that, and more. Located in the beautiful locality of Vagator, Thalassa, meaning ‘the Sea’ in Greek is a place that knows how to deliver a perfect dose of Greek culture in all the right ways.

Thalassa: The Greek Tavern

Adorned with pure white upholstery throughout the place, Thalassa gives you a glimpse of Zeus’ heaven without overdoing it. Serving Greek through and through, you are taken on a joyride that comprises of Greek salad done right, with a variety of starters and appetizers to keep your mouth busy while they get the fire started for the barbecue. The meat is mouthwatering and marinated with all the right spices to keep your hunger completely sated.

Serving Souvlaki Wraps, seafood preparations and a grill known to churn out some juicy, succulent and delicious kababs, Thalassa wins your heart in a beat. And there is always the option to gulp down your favourite ale while you’re eating your heart out. The variety of desserts straight from Greece is the perfect finalé to your evening meal under the moonlight while the sea breeze caresses your content gut!

The Thalassa, apart from having a spectacular view also has a small store that sells some funky clothing and accessories.

How to Get to Thalassa

Thalassa is located in Ozran Beach near Small Vagator. Head to Thalassa if you are keen on dabbling in a different culture and having a bite, or a huge chunk, right out of it!