The Big Fat Hat Frisbee Tournament


The USHA Big Fat Hat is Goa’s first Ultimate Frisbee tournament with around 100 participants from all over the world, trying to create awareness about Frisbee and the sport in the state. The event will be held over two well known beaches, Mandrem and Miramar, from the 6th to the 8th of November.

Ultimate is also referred to as the Spirit of the Game. There are no referees in the sport and all matches are friendly with participants calling themselves out stating their own fouls. You would notice people following these standards even when the sport is played internationally. Quite often you see participants happily chatting with and congratulating their opponents.

A Hat Event you say

It is called a hat event, which by definition is an event that does not have teams. This means that you cannot enter with your team already created. People or participants have to sign up as individuals, and are associated with specific teams by the coordinators to encourage blending in with their team of strangers or with the general people around. These events is to encourage people to chat and automatically brings out the instinct that there is a lot more to a sport than winning and aggressive competition.

A Word from Our Sponsor

You would notice the name USHA all around the place. USHA has been pushing ultimate frisbee throughout the country and have finally made their way to the tiny state of Goa. They are also advocates of women’s sports and an active lifestyle.

Ultimate in India

Since the inception of Ultimate in the USA in 1968, the sport has quickly gained widespread popularity all over the world. While India has been one of the last few to join the bandwagon, Ultimate Frisbee has spread like wildfire across the country. If tournaments are any standard of measuring its reach, there are around 30 teams that participate in 8 competitions every year held in Delhi, Surat, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Auroville. This year Ultimate has been included as an Olympic Sport.

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