The Goa Marriott Resort | Miramar

The Goa Marriott, is among the long proud tradition of hotels run all over the world. The Indian division is usually referred to as Marriott India. Marriott India started in India in 1998 and open the first of this proud line up in Goa, then calling it the Goa Marriott, now it is currently called The Goa Marriott Resort and Spa. Soon after they spread to the rest of India currently having hotels and resorts in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chennai among other places.

Goa Marriott Resort is Located Within Walking Distance of Goa’s Capital

Goa Marriotts is situated on the border of Panjim, Goa’s capital. Located on the junction between Panjim and Miramar Beach, the Goa Marriott Resort overlooks the beautiful Mandovi river. The place is well located and always has people from different walks of life walking in and out of the area.

The Goa Marriott Celebrates All Kinds of Events

The Goa Marriott celebrates, organizes and hosts all sorts of events from conferences to parties and everything in between. They can turn up the volume or turn it down a few notches depending on the scale of your event. Other casual parties can also be held there, like small birthday parties of ten to fifteen people.

Food at the Goa Marriott

The food at Goa Marriott is among the best in Goa. The Marriott is known for preparing high end food and delivering it at a reasonable price. The definition of reasonable prices may vary from person to person but in the end one must remember that it is a five star resort and the rates are reasonable for a five star establishment.