The Goa Project 2014

Date: 7th and 8th February, 2014.

Venue: Stone Water Eco Resort, Vasco, Goa.

Entry: 4000 INR.

What Is The Goa Project?

Ever been struck with a great idea but without any sense of direction? The Goa Project 2014 is just the place for you. Think of TED Talks on the beaches of Goa and you have the Goa Project. Goa Project plays host to literally hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and imagineers who have accomplished their goals in various sectors of the market.

How Will Goa Project Help Attendees?

Goa Project gives the perfect platform for various enthusiastic and ambitious businessmen and entrepreneurs to come together, share ideas and brainstorm over various projects, and collaborate on future projects.

It’s a creative hybrid of workshops, teach-ins, and roundtables – tossed together with jam sessions, exhibitions, and show-and-tell. There are six tracks: Performing Arts & Music, Entrepreneurism, Film, Society, Visual Arts and Fringe. The Goa Project will have hundreds of talks, workshops and classes across these 6 platforms that will help a person dabble in various art forms and learn a new trick of a trade, or more!