Things to Do in Goa

There is a lot to do in Goa, this tiny coastline state, not just relating to the beaches in Goa but everything else associated with this land.

Goa is Located on the West Coast of India

Goa is the smallest state on the west coast of India and helps India generate a lot of revenue, with a lot  of help from the forever booming tourism industry here. Goa attracts tourists from all corners of the world and it’s reach keeps getting broader with every year that passes by.

Goa is Notorious For its Cheap Booze and Party Spirit

Many tourists drive down to Goa just to enjoy a drunken weekend at a beach. The world’s stereotype that everyone in Goa is calm and doesn’t care much about anything is usually true. However there are exceptions. Most tourists believe that all Goa has is booze and cheaper fuel and drive many miles to enjoy what they believe are Goa’s only benefits. In reality there is a completely different culture here.

There is Much More to Goa than People Give Credit For

Goa has a long and colourful history that’s different from the rest of India, the Portuguese were in Goa while India was run by the British, they left leaving behind a large chunk of their history, traditions and culture. Way before them Goa was conquered by many others too, the Bhojas, the Kadambas, the Muslims and many others.

Today the Goan’s are more westernized than most Indians, there are churches and many other religious structures here that would appeal to most tourists if only they knew they existed.

The architecture left behind by our past rulers is simply amazing and not forgetting their forts and defence structures, monuments and many other innovations.

Here Are a Few Things to Do in Goa

You can begin your trip to Goa by

  • Looking at historical sites all over Goa, some of these places are over two centuries old

    • Temples

    • Mosques

    • Churches

  • Other historical sites that aren’t religious monuments include

    • Forts like Fort Aguada or Cabo da Rama

    • Landmarks like the arch of Vasco da Gama in Old Goa along with many others.

  • There are always beaches to go for long walks on, Goa has more than 50 of those

  • Goa managed to attract tourists from all ends of the world, many of them brought back a recipe or two, restaurants cooking all different kinds of cuisines opened up on the shores of Goa.

  • Water sports and other activities on the shores of Goa attract a lot of tourists (those lucky enough to come to Goa in the summer)

  • There are nature walks all over the place and many sites to see, like the ghats or waterfalls, groups go on treks in the wilderness, something for all those nature lovers.

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries and the well known bird Sanctuary are also places that have to be visited by nature and animal lovers.