Tito’s Goa

large_1514902Known all over Goa, with its most popular hotspot in Baga, Tito’s is one of the most famous clubbing names in the state. Shops, sidewalks and boards painted with the Tito’s name in red and white and an apt tagline ‘Where else?’ makes Tito’s the titan of the clubbing world in Goa.

History of Tito’s

Dating back to 1971, the founder of Tito’s, Tito Henry de Souza, started a small eatery providing traditional Goan food to hippies and foreigners. He began providing directions and information about various places all over Goa. He had a vision to promote tourism in Goa on a large scale and today, one could say he has accomplished just that with his various ventures under the Tito‘s brand. Today, Tito’s is headed by this visionary’s sons, Ricardo and David de Souza.

Tito’s Club

This is where it all starts, Tito’s Club! The most famous club in Goa, notorious for it’s over crowded dance floors and people from all walks of life, grooving in their own styles. Queues to enter the venue seem to go on forever and it’s quite fascinating to watch these crowds, later on, from the first floor, which is an exclusive private area on its own with its own bar. This is a great spot to throw a private party.

Tito’s Various Venues

Tito’s has a number of venues all over Goa. They dominate the Baga area and have an entire lane named after them, called Tito’s Lane. This is a place that is completely abuzz at night with loud music from the various different clubs on this lane, not to mention the hundreds of party-goers and revellers that visit here, especially in December. Here a few of our favorites:

  • Café Mambo

  • Cocktails and Dreams

  • Retro Bar

  • Tito’s in South Goa

How to Get to Tito’s

Tito’s is possibly the simplest club to find in Goa solely because of it’s popularity.

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