Top 5 Popular Beaches Of Goa

The one word that strikes your mind when it comes to Goa is beaches, and rightfully so. Known all over the world as the Hippie capital, Goa has some of the most serene, beautiful and captivating beaches you could ever find. So, with much difficulty, we have narrowed down the top 5 popular beaches Of Goa indulging you to revel in its undying beauty.


Home to the hippies, Vagator is known for being adorned with rocky cliffs that open up to the welcoming beach. Riddled with caves secluded beaches, Vagator is waiting to be explored by the prying ones looking for an adventure. Vagator has various places for tourists to stay that offer a breathtaking view from the valley till the sea stretching in front of them.


Anjuna, situated to the north is Vagator’s neighbor and another house for the hippies. Riddled with a long stretch of beautiful beach, Anjuna has various famous shacks for tourists to enjoy. Right from Curlies to Shiva Valley to Hippies, Anjuna caters to a hungry stomach reasonably well. Apart from the scenic beauty, Anjuna also plays host to the Anjuna flea market every Wednesday during the festive season where you can catch live performances, do some shopping, and stuff yourself with delectable food till the wee hours of the morning!


A tourist hotspot of Goa, Arambol attracts a large number of tourists who come to soak in the winter sun while curbing their shopping spree with the endless row of markets laid across the beach. Grab a shack, get a massage or just stroll across the beach while bumping into happy faces everywhere. A short walk to the north of the beach leads a tourist to an exquisite patch of beach that cradles a “fresh water lake” close to the sea which has invigorating hot thermals. Pull out your tent and settle down under the moonlight and get completely captivated by Arambol’s beauty.


Ashvem, a peaceful and invigorating beach among the whole of Goa offers a sense of solitude and tranquility like no other. Other than catering to tourists seeking peace and isolation, Ashvem also attracts the Olive Ridley turtles who have made Ashvem their nesting place. Along with them, various conservationists and animal rights activists grace the beach to witness this mesmerizing spectacle of nature.


To the South of Calangute beach lies a sublime and less crowded stretch of shore known as Candolim. Cradled with many hotels facing the shore, Candolim is the perfect place to be for a room with a view. Known for its mellow atmosphere, it gets rather electric every December when it plays home to the Supersonic Music Festival which sees a heavy influx of music aficionados from all the over country thronging Candolim.