War of The Fests Heat Up – Sunburn Announces Their Big Plan

Photo Credit teemus via photopin cc

Photo Credit
teemus via photopin cc

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more interesting, Sunburn announces their big plan and seems to have opened a Pandora’s box to unleash a monster of a festival for the world to bear witness.

Sunburn with their over-the-top 3-day music extravaganza are all set to take on Supersonic Festival, with their 5-day line-up, who also nicked Sunburn’s native venue, leaving Sunburn in a tight spot at the worst time possible. Thankfully for Sunburn, they seem to have bagged a whole new venue for themselves smack in the middle of Hippie haven, Vagator.

What’s The Big Deal

Percept has acquired a “500,000 sq.m” piece of land, supposedly ten times bigger than the previous and houses seven stages, parking, camping, flea market, movie theatre, circus tent, a ferris wheel, a kite festival, an artist village, a sports centre and tonnes of other things. As overwhelming as this sounds, Sunburn is all set to get on the field all guns blazing and reiterate the fact that they are the torchbearers of the EDM scene in India, and arguably the biggest dance festival in Asia.

Nailing It

Right when every music festival out there is trying to burn a hole in your pocket by juicing every penny out of you in every uncanny way possible, Sunburn is playing their cards smart enough by doing all the right things. Right from offering free parking to giving accommodation in the form of camping, a festive deal can’t get any better than this.

While Sunburn is hell-bent on enamoring the audience, they’re offering the best of everything by bringing in the big guns of EDM like Axwell, Afrojack, Markus Schulz, Pete Tong, Mark Knight, Andrew Rayel, Quintino, James Zabiela, Ummet Ozcan, flanked by the best Indian talent like Dualist Inquiry, (S)haan, Lost Stories, Anish Sood, Kohra, Jayant, Nucleya and many more soon to be announced artists. Sunburn has also gone a step further and dedicated one of the seven stages for the psytrance enthusiasts who throng Goa by the thousands.  Putting things into perspective, every stage with its unique aspect will bring forth a genre to captivate the right type of audience.

If things couldn’t get any better, the venue stretching from the sea till the hills will also allow festival goers to go for a quick boat right to soak in the scenic beauty of Vagator from the sea. Add to that a foam party and tonnes of after-parties happening at various neighboring venues, you have a knock-out deal right there.

The Trepidation

Just when we thought Sunburn was as dead as a doornail, it has made a comeback and how! Although we are ecstatic to see how Sunburn fares while competing with the mighty Supersonics, we are much more apprehensive about various other aspects, namely, Vagator. Known for its quaint beaches riddled with hippies from all walks of life leading a peaceful life, Sunburn might very well toss that ambience right out of the window with thousands of people pouring in from all over the world. Known to house some of the best psychedelic parties and gatherings for people, the purists might find it difficult to adjust to this new wave of EDM lovers taking over their homeland. All we can do is hope for everything to work well enough for both the parties without leaving anyone with a sense of discontent at the end of it all.

Sunburn is all set to take place in Vagator from 27th to 29th December.