Waves 2015 The Highlights

Waves, brought out the popular YouTubers, TheViralFever (TVF) in all their glory. Their lineup included stand-up comedian Vipul Goel, actor and writer Anandeshwar Dwivedi, popularly known as Bhai from his Bhai Ho video and Nidhi Bisht lovingly known as Caller Naina. Jitendra Kumar(Jitu) and Maanvi Gagroo, or Shreya from TVF Pitchers completed the bill. TVF has recently been riding the popularity wave with the immense success of their web series Pitchers and Permanent Roommates and this has led to their greater appeal among students.

The event started at 17:00 BST* and an absolutely jam-packed audience with people also thronging the stairs. The evening started as Comedian Vipul Goyal was introduced onto the stage, his introduction was followed by an ear-splitting roar from the audience with the hoots not stopping for at least a minute. He started the evening by regaling some hilarious anecdotes of his experience at a friend’s marriage. The usual jokes on alcohol, engineers and the futility of their efforts in getting a girlfriend were widely appreciated as well. Vipul then moved on to the more evergreen jokes on Punjabis, Gujjus and Marwadis that left the audience in splits. His repertoire of jokes included everything from motorcycles and Air India Planes to Family WhatsApp groups. He even recited some hysterical poems of fathers and sons on the WhatsApp groups.

Vipul then introduced the rest of the TVF cast to the audience, their arrival on stage was met by loud cheers and unending applause. Shouts of “Jitu, convince kar” and “Tu Beer hai” were ringing around among the students. Vipul then invited a boy and girl from the audience to join the TVF cast in having a boy vs girl debate on whether engineers are romantic or not. This led to an interesting watch as Divij, our friend from BITS tried to convince Maanvi at a restaurant to go out with him. Ankita, the girl from BITS also told us the story of her boyfriend’s proposal.

The session then ended with a Q&A with the audience where one guy asked that as even Maanvi chose her career over Naveen then how do they expect guys to choose a girl over their career. This led to an interesting conversation between them and the audience enjoying in between. Questions on “Permanent Roommates” and the new TV show, On Air with AIB were also asked to which they replied saying that the season 2 is in the writing stage and that they themselves would be open to doing a TV show should a network offer them something. To popular demand, Jitu and Nidhi enacted some of their most popular dialogues from their videos and the show ended with a booming applause.

(* BST is a variable time-zone existing in BITS group of institutions that can be anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours ahead of the IST. In this case, it was 3 hours ahead.)