Where is Goa

Goa is a State in South-West India

Goa is a state located on the western coast of India, just South of Maharashtra and North of Karnataka. It comprises of two districts, the North and South and both these together have 12 sub districts.

Within these sub districts there are four major towns, Panjim being the capital of Goa, the others are Mapusa, Margao and Vasco.

Goa in the Indian Parliament

On the political front Goa has two member in the Lok Sabha representing each district and one in the Rajya Sabha representing the state. The state has a total of 40 members of the Legislative Assembly for the 40 constituencies Goa is made up of.

Goa has a reputation that precedes it

Goa is known around the world for its long stretch of beaches and for being the smallest state in India with a huge coastline, also being different from the rest of India since Goa was ruled by the Portuguese while the rest of India was ruled by the British.

With over fifty beaches all along the Goan coastline, this is definitely the land of sun, sand and paradise.

Now however Goa is known for having a famous (or rather infamous) nightlife, the coastlines of Goa are filled with clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants and shacks; the Mandovi River that separates the North of Goa from its capital is now lined with many off shore casinos. Baga was once famous for its beach and the fresh water spring, right next to it but not anymore, now it is known as the clubbing district of India. People from all over Goa and beyond come to Baga just to have a look at the clubs here.

The shores of Goa are also known for festivals and events worldwide, the Anjuna Flea-market takes place once every week, the international music festival, Sunburn also takes place on the shores of Goa.

Goans Have a Religious Side as Well

After the parties end on a Saturday night, and the party animals head home, most Catholics make it a point to head to church the next day. Sunday morning’s see most Catholics heading to church; but it’s not just Catholics, other religions also celebrate festivals with great enthusiasm, every festival in Goa is celebrated on a large scale, including people from other religions enjoying it as well.

The Feast of St. Francis Xavier gets people of all religions, from all over India to Old Goa on the 3rd of December.

Goa is Known to Have a Mix of Everything

Being, ruled by different empires, a part of different colonies, taken over by different dynasties, they all have one thing in common, they all left behind a large chunk of their culture and many of their traditions, especially the Portuguese. While most of India was under the British rule, Goa and a few tiny places in India were under the Portuguese that came to the east specifically for the purpose of evangelization. After leaving four and a half centuries later, most of their customs remained and many were imposed by law. Majority of the Goans during that time were forced to convert to Christianity.

Today, every part of Goa has a bit of everything and is quite westernised in many ways.