Why Should You Visit Goa During April


Though April marks the official start of the summer vacations in India, most of the party-crazy tourists disappear by now. Nevertheless, there will be a lot of Goa to see and great people to meet during April as well and you shouldn’t miss it for the world. The travellers who come here for the experience don’t see if its season time or not. 

Here are some important and interesting things to keep in mind before tripping to Goa this April.

Weather in Goa During April

As we mentioned earlier, April month kickstarts the scorchy summer season in Goa. Although average highs in the weather during April are the same as in March in Goa, you start sweating it out now because of the super humid atmosphere. So dressing up light and casual is more of a necessity than an option. Drink plenty of water and re-hydration drinks to keep you on top of your game. If you want to visit beach resorts during this month, make sure you carry a good selection of airy cotton clothing to ensure you stay cool, as well as hats, sunglasses and a sunscreen with good SPF.

Tourism in Goa During April

The tourist season in goa has thus officially come to an end. That means, you have one more reason to rejoice for spending April in Goa. Since the prices of Hotels, Resorts and all those Seasonal Business Chains drop this month, it’s time that you plan a trip to Goa without having to worry about money. At the start of April, even the Airfare is relatively cheaper for the domestic tourists. Overall, with season closing parties and a long Easter weekend coming up, we’d like to say one thing – Do not miss this now and regret later.

Events Happening in Goa This April

Some of the major events happening in Goa during April that you need to know about are:

Cashew Trail 2017

Cashew Trail is an annual event that was conceptualised in 2012 to celebrate the legacy of the Cashew fruit in myriad manifestations from farm to table through unique experiences. April being the perfect harvest season for cashews, is the ideal time for this celebration. One of the major highlights of this trail will be the Cashew fruit stomping and a chance to witness the distill process of Goa’s local liquor – Urrak & Feni. The event will be hosted by the Park Hyatt Resort in association with Goa Tourism, Madam Rosa Distillery and many more. Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/219498401859897/

Courtesy: Goa Tourism

Courtesy: Goa Tourism

Season Closing & Easter Weekend Parties

The long weekend that comes along with Easter is the perfect time to take that much needed city-break. Most of the seasonal shacks and party places start to wind up by the end of April. One of the most popular nightclub, Hilltop in Vagator is also having its 12-hour Season Closing Easter Bash on the 15th of April. So head out to these places and party your weekend out before they close down soon for the monsoons.

Courtesy: Suraj Mohandas

Courtesy: Suraj Mohandas

Konkan Fruit Fest 2017

The Konkan Fruit Fest showcases the amazing diversity of local fruits in the Konkan region which Goa is a part of. The Botanical Society of Goa has been organizing this since 2003 at the D.B. Road Campal Promenade every year. This time, the fest will happen from 21st – 23rd April and is open to public from 10 am to 8 pm. Numerous competitions like fruits carving and fruit eating take place simultaneously on all days. It’s a great event to learn about the lesser known fruits and taste the wilderness in them. Know more about the past few editions of the festival – Konkan Fruit Fest 2014, Konkan Fruit Fest 2015

Courtesy: Joegoauk

Courtesy: Joegoauk

What You Shouldn’t Miss in Goa During April

For those who have been shunning Goa during April for its off-season & weather, here are a few more reasons for you to rethink your decisions right away:

Watching Sunsets in Goa

Goa boasts an average of 12 hours of sunshine everday in April – that’s one hour more each day than the previous month. This gives you better sunrise and sunset views than ever. Some of the most amazing places to catch these picturesque sunsets are Suicide Point in Donapaula, Ashwem Beach, Anjuna, Chapora Fort and Cabo De Rama. Go to these locales at around 6.30 pm, laze around the shores and watch the sun set along the horizon with your loved ones. Now that’s one surreal experience you will never be able to forget.

Anjuna goals ? Tag a friend! Photo by @wanderingsoul_me

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Hot Air Balloon Rides in Goa

While most other cities offer a skyline full of buildings and forts etc, Hot air ballooning in Chandor-Goa is something different. It offers a bird’s eye view of lush green fields and the sparkling coastline of South Goa. Behold these fantastic sights and capture them in your camera to cherish later. These rides are arranged early in the morning and late afternoon as the climate then is quite favourable for this activity.Since these rides are completely weather dependent, April is one of the best times to try it out with no harsh winds during this period.

The King is here: Mango Harvest starts in Goa

With a long history of documented mango grafting and breeding in Goa, the madness for mango over here is not a surprise. Whether you try it as a chilled glass of Mango smoothie or freshly cut pieces in a salad, mango is a must try when in Goa during Summer. While the classic Goan Alphonso, known for its sweetness & richness in flavour, is a common pick by most, the Mancurad is clearly the big local favourite and much beloved to every Goan.

Lesson of the day: When asked to choose between an Alphonso & Mancurad, never choose!

What would you pick first? ? Photo @nadya.kom

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Best options for stay in Goa during April

They say ‘Make hay while the sun shines’. That’s exactly why you should visit Goa in April. As the temporary tourist infrastructure disappears from the beaches, the choice and availability of restaurants & hotels are aplenty as ever. Take this opportunity to book beach villas and shacks at the lowest of its prices but make sure they have air conditioning facilities throughout the day to escape the hot and sultry climate. In Southern Goa, the best places to stay beside the beach will Palolem and Agonda. Whereas when staying in North Goa, choose Ashwem or Morjim if you’re looking for a peaceful hideout or Calangute & Anjuna if you want a happening and buzzing spot.

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