Workshop on Digital Media and Interactive Arts | MOG


After having art on display for the last few months, the Museum of Goa has taken the proactive approach of taking contemporary art to the public directly. Focusing on art education, this workshop by Vishal Rawlley seems like the best way to get this information to keen and eager minds. Museum of Goa also aims to make significant  contributions to getting art in schools, colleges and universities.

What drawing sound is all about

‘Drawing Sound’ came about when creativity and reinterpretation was used on a software supposed to create acoustic experiences of the visual world for blind people. Here a handicap becomes a new way of exploring the world. This simple software works best when the visuals are stark shapes against a clean background. This makes it an ideal tool for hearing what shapes sound like. The software “sees” through a web camera and processes the images into sound. A simple interface was added to this by creating a drawing table “watched” by the camera. ‘Drawing Sound’ thus becomes an instrument for making music through drawing. It is intuitive and easy to learn and produces delightful results in no time.

This workshop at MOG focuses on the personal expression of art using communication media and technology together, as on one platform. He will have a demonstration of his installation at MOG on the 30th of January from 3:30 to 5:30. There will be two more sessions in the following month as well. All sessions are priced at Rs. 200 per person, and unlike most museums, at MOG, the audience is allowed to interact with the installations.