Zambhala Yoga Music Festival

Zambhala Yoga Music Festival

Zambhala Music Festival will take place in Goa for the first time. There will be workshops teaching different meditative techniques, group channeling, chanting, along with astro gazing and a lot more.

Zambhala is a Yoga Music Festival

This festival will be celebrated in Goa for the first time featuring a line up of great music and dance performances that will help in riding you of your stress and finding answers to all major questions about life. It will include two different types of Yoga, the Hatha Yoga Class and the Nidra Yoga Class.

Since India has many ‘yogis’ and ashrams, it seemed like a good idea to celebrate the event here but when word got out that it would be in Goa, that surprise no one saw coming.

Visitors can participate in group events or one on one events with the practitioner, teacher or healers.

Zambhala to Take Place Towards the End of December

For all those tourists heading to Goa for the sunburn Music Festival, head down here a week early and get a chance to participate in this body bending event like none you have ever seen before.

If everything goes according to plan Zambhala should kick off on the 21st of December and clear out by the 23rd of December, this two day event will definitely be like none ever seen before, especially on the shores of Goa. Rumoured to offer a mix of entertainment, spirituality, music and dance.

Zambhala is Organized by Seventy Media Group

The organizers mentioned that Zambhala is a place that will bring together the best yoga teachers, spiritual leaders, leaders from all over India and across the world to one spot where they can meet and get together.

Hoping the first edition is a success, they can continue with an annual event, soon it may be in the league of events like Sunburn or the International Film Festival of India.

Many of the World’s Best Yoga Teachers are Rumoured to Make an Appearance Here

Zambhala will feature many of the world’s best Yoga teachers, some of the faces going to be seen are

Janet Stone from California

Eoin Finn from Canada

Deepika Mehta from India

Jehangir Palkhivala from India

Duncan Wong taught at Madonna, Bjork and Sting

There will also be other prominent personalities so loosen up and have the time of your life.

Tickets or Entry Fees

Nothing yet about the tickets or entry fee but you will be the first to know when it does come out.

Places to Stay at During Zambhala

A minor setback at the moment is, the exact location of the event isn’t out yet but for rooms to stay at during Zambhala checkout, they always have properties you can crash at.